Seller marketplace questions.

Here you will find some of the most common questions asked by new Sellers to CellarsMarket. If you require further information please send your query through to us from the Contact Us page and we’ll respond quickly.

What is CellarsMarket?

CellarsMarket is an online, pure play eCommerce liquor marketplace business of Cellars Market Pty Ltd. Products are listed for sale from a large variety of brands, wineries, breweries, distilleries, and retailers active in the wine, beer, spirits, non-alcoholic, cider areas and drink related accessories. Because we are a pure play liquor marketplace, CellarsMarket doesn’t hold, warehouse or ship any products. Similar to other marketplaces, orders are fulfilled by Sellers on the CellarsMarket marketplace platform.

Why should I join the CellarsMarket marketplace?

We are different. CellarsMarket is Australia’s very first and only pure play liquor marketplace dedicated and specific to the wine, beer, spirits, non-alcoholic, cider, and drink related accessories industries. Your products are not competing to be found on big retailer controlled sites, nor on local and international generic marketplaces buried among millions of unrelated products in hundreds of categories. We are a draw card to a dynamically growing, loyal and well informed range of consumers. Unrelated products that do not fit our profile of products are not sold. We are a true, one stop store where hundreds of brands and thousands of products all from Sellers coming from like industries are made available to eager shoppers.

You can create a beautiful store with your own designed banners, blurbs, logo, description, and even videos! We offer a level playing field for all Sellers irrespective of your market share. You can play with the big boys with confidence on CellarsMarket!

CellarsMarket can be an important, additional sales channel for your business. We are Seller and customer centric. For some Sellers, CellarsMarket has already become their #1 sales channel rivalling well-known generic marketplaces.

Our fast, secure dynamic website engages buyers with new and exciting products to make their shopping experience unique. Leveraging this, you can grow your business by selling your products on our CellarsMarket marketplace where customers browse and shop.

How is CellarsMarket different from other marketplaces?

Anyone who has dealt with other marketplaces knows the challenges and especially the frustration in dealing with everything from selling, disputes with customers, unfair feedback issues through to payout turn around times and even the removing of your listed products. The frustration is only aggravated when you have to deal with internationally based customer service to solve the issues you may have.

We have been in the industry and know what Sellers need and what irks them. Our customer service is Australian based. We know local trends, logistics companies, industry standards, the lingo, when public holidays fall in different states and even the weather!

Unlike some well known marketplaces, payouts can take 2-4 weeks to be paid to their sellers! Others payout in a week. Our payouts are in 24-48hrs. We pride ourselves on flexibility, creativity and ingenuity. We are here to help you succeed!

We don’t dictate what you ought to charge customers for your products or shipping rates. Our commission is only on a successful sale and is much lower than what large retailers demand as their margins from Sellers.

Our Seller plans have cutting-edge tools developed to help you manage your product listings, sales, pricing and inventory!

What is CellarsMarket’s commission?

On a successful sale, CellarsMarket charges 12.95% commission + 0.35 processing fee. The amount is subtracted from the total order amount. GST is included in the commission. Not added to it.

We do not charge any insertion fees, pay-per-click charges, over-and-beyond listing quantity fees, nor insertion fees in more than one additional category or penalty fees for below expectation feedback levels. Only pay when you have a successful sale.

Stripe/PayPal processing fee

Upon joining CellarsMarket, you need to link your CellarsMarket account with a payment gateway – either Stripe or PayPal or both. Most vendors and sellers joining have an existing Stripe or PayPal account. Many sellers have their own negotiated processing fees with Stripe and PayPal. As these payment gateway accounts are opened and managed by you we have no input as to the processing fees you are charged. It is important to be aware that your existing Stripe/PayPal transaction processing fees are in addition to the CellarsMarket commission. You can access reports of the processing fees directly within your Stripe/PayPal account. Negotiated rates can be from a low under 1% to around an average of 2.5% An example: a $100 sale could be charged a processing fee of 1% = $1 Stripe/PayPay processing fee.

What are the Seller monthly plans?

Sellers can choose between two different monthly plans – the Basic Seller Plan is free (usually $29.95 monthly) or the Professional Seller Plan now FREE (the monthly fee is usually $49.95 is waived). Both plans are feature rich with the difference being that Sellers on the Professional Seller Plan have access to our unique syncing application that allows much of the manual tasks to be completely automated such as listing your products and orders along with descriptions, pricing, images and stock levels. Orders flow back to your company’s website for fulfillment, stock levels adjust and any pricing changes are reflected back on to CellarsMarket. This will of course save you time and money and not to mention accuracy. On both plans you can list an UNLIMITED number of products! We can sync to your Shopify, BigCommerce or WooCommerce store.

What do I need to do to start selling?

First, you’ll need to fill out the Seller Account Application. Once received, it will be reviewed and a Seller account will be opened for you. You will be emailed your login credentials to access your Seller dashboard. There, you can begin to setup and edit your Seller store such as adding brand assets like your logo for the store & invoices, site banners for your microstore, add your products, set your delivery areas and shipping charges.

If you don’t already have one, you will need to open a Stripe account where we deposit your funds from sales. It’s a simple procedure to open an account. You will then be able to connect your CellarsMarket Seller account to your Stripe account. You can see Stripe’s fees for card processing here. Generally, it’s 1.75%. Some Sellers have negotiated better rates with Stripe. This is usually based on a stable trading history with them.

In your Seller account, you will find that you have access to a rich range of marketing and technological features not normally found in other platforms.

Don’t worry if the technical side is overwhelming. We have a comprehensive support site for Sellers with step by step guidance and tutorial videos to help you get up and running quickly!

Are your support services local?

Don’t worry. We don’t use robots with artificial intelligence. We have real intelligent people answering your questions with an average response time of less than 3 hours. However, we usually reply much faster than that.

Our seller and customer support services are Australian based. We do not outsource our customer support services to international support or call centres.

Everyone at some time has experienced the frustration of trying to solve an issue when dealing with overseas help centres. You get the run around, miscommunication, repeating your questions multiple times, being transferred from one person to another or getting cut off after waiting for ages!

Are you an Australian based company?

Yes, we are an Australian company based in Sydney.

Do you offer Seller support?

We have a Seller portal that offers instructions and guidance to help you set up your store, list your products, set shipping charges, all to get you selling quickly. You’ll find answers to questions relating to different parts of your seller account and dashboard. At anytime you need assistance we are ready to help you!

Can a vacation be set for Sellers?

Absolutely. If you need to pause your sales, we have a Vacation setting where you can set the vacation and returning dates, times and any message you wish to convey to customers. This way you won’t have customers buying your products and having to wait for a delivery, causing them to be annoyed and leaving negative feedback. Instructions on how to implement it can be found on our Seller Support Hub.

We have complex shipping requirements. Can they be accommodated?

Sellers can choose to set up and fix their own static rate table and delivery charges OR Live rates where you use your own Sendle/Australia Post account by adding your account API. We have set up instructions on this option too.

Our Seller shipping logic allows you to set shipping rates to your own selected areas or zones that you decide. You can include or exclude any area that you can or cannot service. Additionally, you have total control over your shipping rates. You can charge x rates for some zones and charge y rates for other zones. You can offer free shipping for some areas and charge for others or based on a purchase sum. You can base your shipping charges on different factors such as weight, number of products and value. You can even set fast delivery times and its associated charge eg. 2hr delivery. Multiple types of delivery services can be created eg. Australia Post – Standard & Express, Courier and Sendle. We have comprehensive instructions on how to set up your shipping at our Seller Support Hub.

Once an order has been shipped and a tracking number was added the purchaser can track their order either from within their account or from the automated email that was sent to them.

A registered trademarked business of Cellars Market Pty Ltd ABN 654310166. Liquor sold by licensed Sellers.